Better late than never... I have been having creative struggles lately and never seem to find the right time. School and work takes up most of the time. Hope to get out of the slump and invest some more time in taking pictures and doing what I love.

So, I took a weekend off from the daily habbits and visited one of my best friends who has been living in Amsterdam for the past year. Gratefull for the hospitality and the nice bed at Casa Nicky. In between chilling and going out - had way too little sleep! but hey, had fun (hashtag getting old!) - I took some pictures over at Steigereiland.

Off course there's no visiting Amsterdam for me without visiting the spotters platform at Schiphol Airport. Finding calmness in a noisy, windy and cold environment. It always gets me in some kind of way. It recharges the batteries. And get you back in that wanderlust mode!

Hope you enjoy this series!