Hong Kong means "fragrant harbour" and is the fourth-most densely populated region in the world, with over 7.4 million Hongkongers of various nationalities. This was my third visit to the Pearl of the Orient. You have to experience the power of the city to understand why it's attraction is so massive to me. It's like falling in love over and over again. The only difference is: she won't get tired of you. 
The diversity in scenery and landscape is enormous. Hong Kong changes every 5 minutes. You can be in a park on the Island, wander in the middle of a concrete jungle surrounded by millions of people or take a massive hike in the mountains. When I say massive, believe me, that's still underrated. And this all within a span of 30 minutes.


Day 1

I arrived in the afternoon after an 18-hour 2 stops flight with Emirates. I've been flying with them for years now and I have to say they're my favourite for many reasons. After I dropped my bag at the hostel I headed to the first location on my list. The Connaught Road Central bridge, a bridge that runs over one of the busiest streets in Central. With traffic divided over 8 lanes, it's a sight for sore eyes. I was just in time to witness blue hour and shoot the multiple exposures I needed to blend my images the way I wanted them to be.