Had some fun with Griet this week! We've been working together for a few years now and we're getting more satisfied with the results after every shoot. We're both newbies so these kind of collaborations are very learnfull for the both of us. And they're starting to pay off. Creativity is a difficult process which requires a lot of patience and practice. But we're in the right direction. 

May consisted of a few project I did in my little time off of cycling preparations for this year. So I hope I'll be able to create some more after June and the summer period. For now, I hope you'll enjoy these snaps at Bokrijk. A place called 'Fietsen door het water'. They made a concrete wall in the middle of a small lake so you're able to ride you're bike through the water which is an awesome sight. Be sure to check it out!

Model: Griet Lucas



Better late than never... I have been having creative struggles lately and never seem to find the right time. School and work takes up most of the time. Hope to get out of the slump and invest some more time in taking pictures and doing what I love.

So, I took a weekend off from the daily habbits and visited one of my best friends who has been living in Amsterdam for the past year. Gratefull for the hospitality and the nice bed at Casa Nicky. In between chilling and going out - had way too little sleep! but hey, had fun (hashtag getting old!) - I took some pictures over at Steigereiland.

Off course there's no visiting Amsterdam for me without visiting the spotters platform at Schiphol Airport. Finding calmness in a noisy, windy and cold environment. It always gets me in some kind of way. It recharges the batteries. And get you back in that wanderlust mode!

Hope you enjoy this series!



As promised the February project. Experimenting with the new Pixapro Hybrid360 portable flash was fun! But not easy. The stormy weather didn't allow us to shoot much more than one location with the flash. So we had to keep it to a minimum.
The 2nd location was shot with the natural and ambient light we had at hand with even more gusting wind. I need to remind myself to get an assistant next time to hold my gear. Haha.

A big thanks goes out to Griet who helped me out on numerous occasion over the past year. She's a patient model, go check out her blog : A Beauty To Rock

I'll try to have another project up at the end of March. Let me know what you think of these 2 so far. Thanks!


I'm trying to do a personal project every month in 2017. This was January.

model: Sarah Jane Huyler